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American Muslims Intent on Learning and Activism
Founded in 1992, American Muslims Intent on Learning and Activism (AMILA) is committed to spiritual enrichment, intellectual freedom, and community service.




Donate to keep AMILA projects going!

Donating Online

AMILA is an entirely member-driven and volunteer-run organization. We are a registered non-profit, with 501(c)(3) status, and maintain financial transparency. You may claim any donation to AMILA as tax-deductible.

Ramadan/Eid Gift Drive - Suggested Donation: $

Every Ramadan, AMILA collects the names of needy Muslim children in the Bay Area, children whose families normally do not have the money to buy them toys. During Ramadan, we purchase toys, wrap them, and write individualized cards for each child. At Eid al-Fitr, we distribute the presents to the children. The objective is to help each child, no matter how poor, look forward to Eid, and know that the rest of the community is thinking of him/her. Your contribution will go to purchasing gifts, wrapping paper, and craft materials.

2006 Membership - $40 single/$75 couple: $

AMILA depends heavily on membership dues in order to conduct its activities, such as bringing in speakers, newsletter production and mailing costs, rental fees, and myriad administrative purchases. With membership, you will receive the bimonthly newsletter informing you of AMILA events, as well as discounts on ticketed AMILA events. More than anything else, however, you will be helping to sustain and develop AMILA into an ever-better activist Muslim organization, inshallah. In order to keep AMILA affordable, we have not raised dues since 2000. Please help keep AMILA active and alive. Thank you.

AMILA Art Fair - Suggested Donation: $

Every other year or so, AMILA holds a weekend-long Islamic Art Fair, a juried exhibition -- and one of the first of its kind -- in which the creative talents of Muslim artists around the state of California are highlighted. The Art Fair is promoted both within the Muslim community as well as to the larger Bay Area community, and hundreds of people attend. We believe that Muslim artists must be encouraged in their efforts to enrich and beautify our world.

General Fund - Suggested Donation: $

Our general fund is the mainstay of AMILA's activities:
  • Monthly Gatherings: Every second Saturday of the month since its inception, alhamdulillah, AMILA has held a general gathering. These are normally lectures by guest speakers on a variety of topics, while in July we hold a picnic. The November Anniversary event is a special occasion: This year, AMILA had a special awards ceremony on behalf of the Muslim community, for all our friends and supporters among people of other faiths in the Bay Area. The monthly gathering series involves considerable outlay of moneys for airfare, occasional site rental, food, childcare service (which we are trying to expand) and various administrative purchases.

  • Newsletter: Every other month, AMILA sends out a newsletter to all our paid members, as well as to non-paid-members who wish to receive it (the larger category). Each mailing comes out to approximately $100. Your contribution will assist in duplication and mailing costs.

  • AMILA's website is our primary public face, and is constantly updated with event information and photos. The general fund is used to maintain the website, as well as AMILAnet, an invaluable forum for AMILA members to exchange ideas and information.

  • General activism: AMILA supports activist initiatives among our own membership, and sometimes cooperates with other Bay Area organizations on projects that are of general importance to the community. This usually involves small reimbursements, but is incredibly important for sustaining Muslim activism in the Bay Area.