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American Muslims Intent on Learning and Activism
Founded in 1992, American Muslims Intent on Learning and Activism (AMILA) is committed to spiritual enrichment, intellectual freedom, and community service.




What is AMILA about?

AMILA (which means "to work" or "to act" in Arabic) is an organization that is helping to build the American Muslim community through activism, Islamic education, spirituality, and networking with other Muslim groups. Now recognized as one of the nation's most dynamic Muslim organizations, AMILA is entering its second decade as an influential voice among Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Our introspective and non-dogmatic approach to Islam has allowed us to tap the resources of a wide variety of Muslim intellectuals in our monthly lecture series, Akhlaq study groups, book clubs, and annual Ramadan spiritual retreats. Our constitution has allowed us to foster over five generations of elected leadership, both men and women. AMILA has bridged the differences between Muslims of different ethnic and ideological backgrounds - it includes Sunnis, Shias, Sufis, African-Americans, converts, and even non-Muslims who have taken shahada at AMILA meetings.

What does AMILA do?

If there was a dynamic American Muslim voice that youšve heard of in the past 10 years, chances are you've heard them speak at an AMILA meeting. AMILA's mailing list, AMILAnet, is recognized as one of the most dynamic forums among American Muslims and counts among its members Muslim leaders, newsmakers, intellectuals - even non-Muslim journalists and elected officials. Using the resources of our media savvy members, we have worked with organizations that share our concerns to promote the interests of American Muslims in a way that is constructive and pro-active, such as our "Walk for Remembrance and Peace" in September 2002. And AMILA has promoted a cultural and philanthropic dimension to the American Muslim experience through our Islamic Art Fairs, our "Eid for Everyone" gift drive (which provides gifts for hundreds of Muslim children in the Bay Area on Ramadan), and even a play written by a Muslim playwright and produced by AMILA members.

Increasing spirituality and Islamic knowledge has been a major emphasis in AMILA. Besides recruiting inspiring speakers for our monthly meetings, AMILA has also sponsored intensive study groups (past topics included "The Science of the Qur'an" and "The Concept of Worship in Islam,") regular Arabic and Qur'an classes, our annual Ramadan Spiritual Retreat (featuring discussions, dhikr, prayer, and quiet reflection). AMILA's success has encouraged the development of similar organizations throughout the United States and Canada. We have earned the respect of local masjids and national Islamic advocacy groups. We are at the forefront of forging an American Muslim identity, one that, inshallah, will strengthen the faith of individuals, foster respect for our beliefs, and contribute in a compassionate and meaningful way to the community around us.

How can I join AMILA?

Since our inception in 1992, we've built something very special - a nurturing, dedicated Muslim family - and we invite you to join us. Anyone can participate in AMILA meetings, activities, and study groups. Yet it is membership in AMILA - which includes annual dues of $40/individual or $75/family - that keeps us going. Your financial support enables us to bring sophisticated speakers to our events, and produce our major projects and administrative costs.

Fill out a membership form at any AMILA meeting and you'll receive our newsletter with information on projects and upcoming events. You can also send a request for membership to AMILA at P.O. Box 2216, Los Gatos, CA 95031. Also, for those with e-mail, you can subscribe to AMILAnet, the official AMILA e-mail discussion group which serves hundreds of people in the Bay Area and beyond (Find out how to subscribe here).

We invite you to join the AMILA family and help develop our spirituality, foster brotherhood and sisterhood, and bring us closer to God.

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