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American Muslims Intent on Learning and Activism
Founded in 1992, American Muslims Intent on Learning and Activism (AMILA) is committed to spiritual enrichment, intellectual freedom, and community service.




AMILA Steering Committee

From the AMILA Constitution: All members of the Steering Committee, individually and collectively, shall endeavor to implement the goals and objectives of AMILA. Towards this end, they shall:

  • define & decide on AMILA policies and project sponsorship.
  • decide on AMILA funding and allocate AMILA funds.
  • abide by all Steering Committee decisions.
  • never miss 3 Steering Committee meetings in a row.
  • vote on all issues brought before the AMILA Steering Committee.
  • act as AMILA spokespersons, as required.

    Click on the name of the Steering Committee member to e-mail them.

    The 2003-4 AMILA Steering Committee

    Director: Moina Noor

  • organizes AMILA Steering Committee meetings.
  • records or delegates recording of AMILA Steering Committee meetings minutes.
  • records or delegates recording of monthly AMILA General Body meeting discussions & events.
  • maintains records of Steering Committee meetings and General Body meetings for two years.
  • maintains AMILA charters.
  • keeps all election ballots and AMILA records for two years.
  • is the cosigner for bank account transactions.

    General Assembler: Open (email us)

  • manages AMILA general body meetings.
  • chooses topics and arranges programs for General Body meetings.

    Treasurer: Nabeel Shirazi

  • collects AMILA contributions.
  • maintains AMILA bank account.
  • manages and prepares AMILA budget.
  • prepares AMILA financial statements.
  • disburses AMILA funds, per AMILA Steering Committee decisions.
  • ensures cosigners are current on the bank account records.

    Project Coordinator: Rhamis Kent

  • maintains AMILA project schedule of projects approved by the Steering Committee.
  • acts as a liaison between project leaders and AMILA Steering Committee.
  • always knows what projects are in progress, and who is in charge of each.
  • announces current projects and contacts at each General Body meeting.
  • cosigns for bank transactions in the absence of the Director.

    Registrar: Hina Azam

  • compiles and updates AMILA mailing & membership lists.
  • creates and mails AMILA mailings, as necessary.
  • confirms new members.
  • maintains AMILA membership list, keeps track of attendees of General Body meetings.
  • cosigns for bank transactions in the absence of the Treasurer.

    Public Relations: Sheila Bari

  • develops & maintains good relations with other groups in the Bay Area.
  • coordinates AMILA's joint efforts with other groups.
  • notifies Steering Committee members of other group activities.

    Ombudspersons: Shahed Amanullah and Jessica Livingston

  • monitors what members believe AMILA should be doing & how they think AMILA is doing it and informs the Steering Committee.
  • responds to any suggestions or comments made.
  • responsible for conflict resolution.
  • communicates response to individual comments directly to the member who made them.

    Members-at-Large: Uzma Siddiqui, Omar Ahmed, and Sylvia Chan

  • participate fully in all AMILA Steering Committee meetings.
  • fill temporary openings of other elected officers as necessary.